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JAM’s ARTS was started in February of 1998, after the culmination of 15 years service towards the protection of the country’s people and her resources…..

Trained as an observer, with an undying passion for nature and things natural ..with the inclination to record as drawings my experiences..

Jan Andre Minnie…(JAM)

Born 4 July 1964 in Lusaka, Zambia
Educated throughout the Southern African Continent, living in Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia and touring though Mozambique, Lesotho and the Transkei..
Matriculated with exemption at Richards Bay High in Kwa-zulu Natal…

Commenced a career in the civil service which encompassed :
Communication (Airborne and Land)
Specialized in and held the post of Safety Officer (Squadron Level)
Lectured on Cetaceans (Whales and other related mammals)
Observation (onboard search and patrol aircraft) Whales, pollution etc.

Year of 2001: Completed N4 at Cape College (fine art): Drawing, Ceramics, Oil Painting, Entrepreneurial Management
Completed N5: Drawing, Oil Painting

Under Peter le Fevre (Senior lecturer in Oils with some private tutoring, currently Lecturer & teacher in the fine arts in Auckland – working on his masters, Gavin Kew (Senior lecturer in Ceramics, currently lecturer in Auckland – also working on his masters.

Year of 2002: Refined my skills and abilities on the wheel incorporating large urns (in the region of 1,5 metres) and some sculptures on a larger scale.

Year of 2004: Spent some time under the loose mentorship of Dr Ralph Johnson, Senior arts lecturer at Boland College Paarl (Co-Chair of Ceramics SA – Western Cape region)

Moved to Bredasdorp in 2009, to get back to nature and away from the mad rush of the city. Currently fulfilling commissions in the art field, including ceramic sculpture, large ceramic vases and pots (customer designs and logo’s) and paintings (oils or acrylics), with an involvement as a radio presenter on “ Radio Overberg” on Wednesday morning, presenting the arts to the public through a program “JAM on ART”

Please feel at home as you browse through the compilation of my works that follow…….commissions and comments welcome.