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I have been producing ceramics since the 1980’s and have participated in numerous exhibitions. I have always loved to make things. My work is in many people’s homes all over the world, and I hope it brightens up their day.

I make functional ware in porcelain. The work is slipcast in moulds and this gives me the smooth surfaces, clean minimalist lines and refinement that I like. After decorating the work is fired, then glaze is applied and it is fired a second time.
Sometimes gold lustre is applied after the glaze firing, in this case the item is fired a third time to harden on the lustre.

The vases are unglazed, but do hold water. I love the texture of unglazed clay coupled with subtle and delicate decoration. Some have an application of lustre (either mother-of-pearl or gold) and these are fired three times. After a first firing, tiny amounts of glaze are applied painstakingly only where there will be lustre. The lustre is then applied onto the glazed spots, and fired a third time.

I also make handbuilt sculptures in unglazed earthy clays, which I call “plant figures”. The inspiration for these are particular plants that attract me with their sculptural possibilities, like succulents, amaryllis, water lilies, or it could be a delicate sprouting seedling just coming out of the ground, or the gnawed pine cone left by a squirrel. Plants growing against all odds in arid environments like the Karoo or Namaqualand seem metaphorically rich to me.

In 2006 I won the “Ceramics Art and Perception Award” at the National Ceramics Exhibition.

I am a graduate of the Michaelis School of Fine Art, where I majored in sculpture, and also of the South African College of Music, both at the University of Cape Town.