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“Art is a route of discovery. The discovery of materials, techniques, ideas and myself.
My art and I continue to be a work in progress.”

Lerentia Basson obtained her BA (Ed) Arts degree from the University of Pretoria.

She honed her ceramic sculpting skills studying with the renowned sculptor Charles Gotthard, and worked as his assistant before leaving for Europe in 1990.

She learned the craft of creating paper mache masks (cartapesta) used at the Venetian Carnival, and worked closely with a master craftsman in Florence Italy.

On her return to South Africa she relocated to Langebaan, Western Cape. For 4 years she managed and worked at the West Coast Arts Guild gallery, the Agios Nikolaos Gallery at Club Mykonos.

Now living in Blouberg, she has started combining and experimenting with various pure and base metal clay mediums. Using the exciting metal clay, which up to now has mainly been used for jewelry making, to enhance her ceramic sculptures.

She offers Ceramic Sculpting Classes from her home studio.