Regional Exhibition Goes Virtual


Regional Exhibition Goes Virtual

2020 Regional Exhibition
2020 has certainly been one for the books amid rising tension and worry about Covid-19 and the national lockdown that started at the end of March.

With the Potters Market cancelled in March and the winter market cancelled in June, the question for the committee was if the Western Cape Ceramics Regional Exhibition could even take place, despite the date and venue being booked months in advance.

And what of the challenge to the ceramicists? The last thing on many members’ minds was the desire to create or continue work on a spectacular piece to submit to the regional exhibition. It was much more a case of ‘how are we going to navigate this strange new world?’

After many Zoom meetings, a decision was made: Ceramics South Africa Western Cape had committed to the gallery space and the kind folk at Rust-en-Vrede were prepared to help in any way they could to make the exhibition a success.

So what did this mean? The original dates set for submission of work, selection, judging and the exhibition would remain the same, but the exhibition would become virtual and digital!

With the help of Open Origin, the entire process became virtual. Instead of work being delivered for judging, photographs were sent for the first stage of the Regional Exhibition.

This year, there have been fewer submissions than usual, as the committee expected, due to the unusual circumstances we find ourselves in. Submissions don’t always feel as if ceramicists have worked according to a theme, an understandable and intriguing reflection of the conditions which affected the creative process.

Work submitted spans various techniques from sculpture, to functional ware, to a very special wall of plates. In many instances there appears to be a return to a more traditional approach to ceramics, a sense of artists searching for their roots, revisiting the paths they have walked as artists.

We are delighted to welcome you to enjoy this virtual exhibition opening and our virtual online tour of the gallery and online catalogue. Let’s hope this new approach is as successful as we anticipate, and that it offers great possibilities for the future.

Thank you to the members who have bravely forged ahead with us for the 2020 exhibition. We hope to be able to assist you further, and urge you to send us feedback – positive and negative! It’s new terrain, but while there are bound to be obstacles, there will also be new and exciting opportunities for us all.

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